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28 Outs Perfect Game - 10th Anniversary

It is the very perfection of the game that makes the story imperfect, but exciting, full of learning and prevailing. I was lucky not to be lucky in Jim Joyce's sentence. We both were trying to do our job to the best of our ability and that is something that characterized us both whenever we were on the ground.

Everyone talks about what happened to Galarraga, but in reality this story is as much mine as it is about Jim and all the baseball and sports fans. It is a beautiful story, it is something that happened that day and it happens to us all throughout our lives, it is simply about our choices and how we respond to others and their choices that can affect us directly but  we can’t change them, perhaps that is The part that fills me the most with satisfaction and has accompanied me these 10 years through the love of the fans, it is impossible not to get excited just remembering it. What happened is beautiful just as it is, today I feel very please and with a great satisfaction because I added a grain of sand to help and that what happened to us does not happen to the next generations. I feel great pride and satisfaction for having been there, I did not want to try to change anything, it was a very special moment.

It would be very selfish to try to change the play, when errors have also happened in other important games, it was the dynamic at that time and we respected it, the best thing is to see how the game has evolved, I am happy to have made a contribution to see instant replays . The best thing about that situation is to see the mark it left on our present.


I don't want a bad interpretation in my words, that's why I write this, what happened has already happened, it was a great learning experience for all of us who lived through that moment together.


It was a learning process that put our self-control to test, where Jim and I had the challenge of being an example and giving a message, not only for the game but also for the attitude and responsibility that we showed at the time.


It's amazing how a decision of seconds changes the dynamics in a game, that's baseball, that's part of history, that's life, that's why I will not change anything.


This 2020 marks 10 years of our history and to celebrate the anniversary I would like to make a contribution to Venezuela specially in this moment of crisis that they are experiencing. For all those who value what happened, I have lovingly designed these T-Shirts as a form of saying thanks for all the love received.

I would like you to help me so that together we can give a hand to Venezuela in these difficult times that they are going through, so by selling this T-shirts  we will be able to contribute to children and young people who deserve our support during this tough moments.


What is your call?

When we talk about these T-shirts, it is the representation of the history that you decide to have, to leave your best mark, make your best call.

What can you do to obtain the best lesson? You choose what is your best call.


It is no sure thing a perfect call. it is not the right call either, you chose what is your call.

Armando Galarraga

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